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Ficosota operates in a dynamic, multinational environment and it is one of the best European FMCG companies. We provide many growth opportunities to our employees. With us you are free to create and decide, not to only implement someone’s good ideas and decisions.\r\nFicosota People are smart, creative and eager to succeed. Their decisions are driven by the thought of the company as their own. The working process combines fun, intensity and enthusiasm to fit in the dynamic environment where our team collaborates fully to deliver best products to our customers.\r\nPeople we hire are business oriented, with the potential and desire to grow. Cause changes to achieve efficiency, able to build successful relationships with FICOSOTA team and the company partners. Innovative people with result oriented way of thinking. As the values of the company – we are fast&smart, brave, contemporary, friendly and always next to you. \r\n


Ficosota is a Bulgarian, privately owned company. We started our operations on the Bulgarian market in 1994 with 2 brands and 15 employees. Today our brands are known in more than 60 markets around the Balkans, Eastern and Western Europe, Middle and Far East, Americas. The main categories of our manufacture are: home and personal care, hygienic and tissue products, snack and dairy food. Part of our portfolio are some of the well-known brands, such as Savex, Teo, Milde, Emeka, Puffies, Bruschetti Maretti, Kubeti, Motto

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